What makes Whereabouts so special?

To start out with we are not trying to compete with other social media apps. Link your social media profiles together to create a global storyline.

    After you create your storyline on Whereabouts:

  • Geo-tag your story & share your unique point-of-view
  • Use Your public profile to gain more followers faster
  • Meet up with friends locally or start a global conversation

See how it works
We have made this app super easy to work with


  • Live stories organized by location throughout the world.
  • Share Stories by location.
  • Stories will refresh every 24 hours.


  • Search by growing experiences related to a particular trend or topic.
  • Search for up-to-date stories and events.

Camera & Video

  • Edit with advanced tools, front-back pics and timed videos.
  • Share with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.


  • Search for activities and events near you or globally.


  • Create public or private chat to connect with shared stories and event in real time.
  • Like accounts and send invites to friends on other social media apps.
How does it all work?

We want to hear from you!
→ Send us your stories, questions and comments as we quickly approach our app launch.
→ Be the first to take your story global and reach a larger audience.
→ We want to help you shape a world where the power of change is in your hands.

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Share Upload

  • Share your stories publicly or privately
  • Link up with multiple social media accounts
  • Be confident your content will stay up-to-date because we refresh stories every 24 hours.



Are you traveling?
Are you near your favorite restaurant?
Do you want to try something new in your area?
Our Geo-tagging location icon keeps you up-to-date with what’s going on right next door & anywhere in the world.

The World

  • Find a person, group, city or activity you're interested in, upload images/videos/messages & join in the conversation
  • Better yet - meet up with people and create a story from a first-person perspective
  • The larger the user network grows the faster conversations will expand

Create your own story.

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